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Welcome to the world of Soul singing


Do you want to sing in the frequency of your own Soul?

Do you want to sing your favorite songs in a way you have never sang them before?

Sing with passion, an open heart and a solid foundation.


Stand in your own light as a successful singer.

How does it work?

Together we will work on solid vocal techniques based on the following:

- Awareness of your own voice

- Breathing excercises

- Posture

- Releasing strain from your voice

- Singing on pitch

- Belting techniques

- Understanding and increasing your vocal range

- Meeting your voice and emotions and learn how they are working together

- Soul power techniques for opening your heart mind and body

- Increasing your foundation for boosting the power in your voice

- Stage performance and speaking infront of an audience

- Learn singing styles from Jazz, Pop, Soul, Blues, Funk, Rock, Gospel to Latin music and more.

Let´s get your soul voice to another level!

I´m looking forward singing with you!